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Living Green With Grandmother’s Style

Growing up, most of the people spend time at their grandparents’ houses playing and watching grandma’s every step while she was cleaning, cooking and doing the washing. Then, none of us think that all she did will turn out to be greener and less resource consuming than anything we do today. The world of today […]

orbital wash

Orbital Wash – A New Way To Green Wash

Washing machines are one of the most helpful home appliances. However, sometimes you may not find them helpful for your pocket at all. Many people dread their electricity and water bills, and whatever they do, are hardly able to bring them down beyond a limit. While searching for ways to reduce your utility bills, you […]

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Green Cities Of The Future – The Principles And The Facts

We know green cities are the future. In the 21st century, the world’s urban centers are now aiming to cut 80 percent of CO2 emissions. There are some major projects, which will cost billions of dollars. Actually there is already an exact statistic about the expenses of creating green cities. According to the official statistics, […]

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The Raw Truth About The Truly Organic Food

In a century of a green style commitment, organic food is perhaps one of theb. We want to live healthy and consume green and eco-friendly food, but there is a disturbing question: How healthy is actually the organic food we consume? Actually, there are some facts about the organic food that aren’t very pleasant, simply […]

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Solar Leasing – The Green Energy Option For Home Owners

In case you want to live green, you will surely start with inserting solar panels for your home. There is only one problem, especially in times of recession. Solar power panels aren’t exactly affordable and cheap, especially if you are going for the latest models. Most of the people that already have solar panels are […]


Home Made Soda – Could It Be A Future To Carbonated Drinks?

Are you wondering what it is that you might be able to do to help the environment and make your carbon footprint smaller? Do you drink sodas or carbonated drinks a lot? If you answered yes to both these questions read on. In the 1960’s and 1970’s in England there was something that was in […]

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To Buy Or Not To Buy Ecological Diapers

Perhaps you never thought about what happens to the diapers after their usage. Sadly, they end up on the landfill and one of the bad news is that they aren’t easy to recycle. Actually the statistic about the diapers and their usage is disturbing. Australia uses 2.2 million, U.S. uses 49 million, U.K 9 million […]

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Rain Water Stored For Ecological Irrigation Supply

In case you are looking for better ideas to save water and provide smart irrigation, there are clever and inexpensive ways to do it. The experts are advising you to consider the rainwater as the best source, when it comes to irrigation. Despite rainwater isn’t very safe for drinking, you can use it for anything […]

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Your Water Footprint And The Impact Over Environment

The water waste and the water footprint are not the same but for sure are related. The most significant way we can monitor our level of water consumption in a world where fresh water quantity is actually limited is calculating our water footprint. What we do not know is that the water supply available for […]

food waste

8 Smart Tips To Reduce The Food Waste

Since the world has chosen to become a little more sensitive as the environment sustaining is concerned, a subtle tendency has swept over the communities who decided to live a greener life: stopping the food waste. The huge amount of food ending up in the garbage either because it is cooked and not consumed or […]