Living Green With Grandmother’s Style


Growing up, most of the people spend time at their grandparents’ houses playing and watching grandma’s every step while she was cleaning, cooking and doing the washing. Then, none of us think that all she did will turn out to be greener and less resource consuming than anything we do today.

The world of today is pretty much filled with going back to the basics concept. Every day we do our best to be more self conscious about what we consume and about how large is the proverbial footprint we leave on the world.

grandmother style 1

When remembering the grandma’s routine, if we pay a bit of attention we could apply her knowledge and environmentalist common sense in our every day life and the result will be a sure path towards a greener and safer world.

Doing the wash up is extremely common in every house. The washing machines with an incorporated dryer consume twice the energy a regular one does.

Why not hang them off to dry? It’s true that is not an option in a place like Manhattan but if you own a house and a yard, drying the clothes outside especially on summer will save you the energy bill cost and the time spent ironing.

grandmother style 2

Paper towels are the stuff we cannot seem to do without. We consume them as we consume water and toilet paper and we do not take under consideration that they are made of cutting trees.

Cotton towels were part of grandma’s kitchen. She reused them over and over, washed them and reused them some more sometimes even for years.

Make a calculus of how much water is consumed washing them compared to how many trees must fall to make a ton of paper towels, if you care for a greener world, you will choose cotton.

grandmother style 3

Grandparents loved and still love a garage sale. If you think those sales hold nothing but junk you are very wrong. Be sure that the stuff people throw away can be useful for others.

Second hand shops can get you used things that can be used some more considering that there you can find things like furniture, clothing or vintage stuff so much in fashion these days.

You simply have to figure out what exactly you need and if you are careful unknown treasures may come your way exactly in those second hand shops.


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