Home Made Soda – Could It Be A Future To Carbonated Drinks?


sodaAre you wondering what it is that you might be able to do to help the environment and make your carbon footprint smaller? Do you drink sodas or carbonated drinks a lot? If you answered yes to both these questions read on.

In the 1960’s and 1970’s in England there was something that was in almost every home. It was called a ‘soda stream’.

Basically what this machine did was to take ordinary tap water and with the addition of a few ingredients and some carbonation, turn it into soda.

For some reason, this idea never really caught on in the United States. We would just go to the store and buy sodas if we wanted them.

Let us dissect that for a second. Every time we would go to the store we would get in our cars (emissions) and drive to get a soda.

More than likely the soda would be in a plastic bottle. Then we would get back in the car creating more emissions as we drove back to the house to drink the sugary carbonated drink and then throw the plastic bottle in the garbage instead of recycling it like we should have.

Can we call this carbon footprint? Yes!

How about entering the Soda Stream instead? With this machine, you can turn your tap water into soda without having to go to the store.

You order the machine, gas, ingredients and bottles at the product web site. It comes to your house and you start enjoying homemade soda while your footprint shrinks.

Each bottle of flavor will make up to 12 liters of your desired soda. The gas that creates the carbonation comes to you in bottles that you exchange when you order new ones so that you are recycling. The containers that you order are all recyclable.

Of course, there are more home made recipes out there for sodas and if you look online you will be sure to find a plethora of them.

The difference is that with Soda Stream, you have all of the equipment that you need and it can be delivered straight to your door so you do not need to go out searching for the ingredients. This not only saves you the time and trouble, it also saves you money with the ever rising cost of gas.

Thinking soda, think home-made soda. Help save the earth.


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