8 Smart Tips To Reduce The Food Waste


Since the world has chosen to become a little more sensitive as the environment sustaining is concerned, a subtle tendency has swept over the communities who decided to live a greener life: stopping the food waste.

The huge amount of food ending up in the garbage either because it is cooked and not consumed or bought in excess and expired, is a significant problem especially in the large communities such as cities.

food waste

Here are 8 smart green tools to help you monitor how and what you consume and whether or not you need to buy them.

1. Make a list and stick with it

Before going shopping write down the items you actually miss from the house and list them in the order of your consumption priority. Do not take fragile or easy to spoil food if you are not sure it will be consumed soon. Stick to the list and do not waste money.

2. Cook responsibly

Make sure you make just enough food for the number of people who are going to eat it. Do not keep cooked food in the fridge unless it is eaten within 48hours or you can be sure it will end up in the bin.

3. Beware of the take-out

When you are hungry and order food, the tendency is to order much more than you can eat. Ready made food has a very short life and you can guess where it will end up.

4. Old before new

When you buy new food, put it in the back of the fridge and you put the old one on the front. This way you won’t have to throw away stuff that went bad forgotten on the back of the shelf.

5. Best before dates alarm

Do not buy things that are on sale because they expire in a week. Most likely they will be just another piece of garbage the week they expire since you will not eat them no matter how much you think you will.

6. Make sure you cannot use it anymore

Soft fruit can make a fruit tart or a fruit juice. Wilted vegetables can be hydrated and used in a soup or stew.

7. Consume leftovers the next day

Boiled pasta can be used in a pasta pudding; boiled corn can accompany a vegetable salsa. Do not throw it before you make sure you cannot use it. Google recipes and you will be surprised.

8. The freezer is your friend

What is good to eat and in danger to go bad can go in the freezer. You can unfroze left over dough or fruit and use them in a future cake.


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