The Environmental Benefits of Outsourcing your Waste Removal

From composting to upcycling, recycling and more, there are plenty of green alternatives for disposing of your waste. But there are few as hassle-free as outsourcing your waste removal to a sustainable waste management company. Find out all the need-to-know information about outsourcing to sustainable waste management companies and how this can benefit you (and […]

Eco-Holidays: Suggestions for Environmentally-Friendly Holidays this Summer

We all deserve to have a holiday, but it’s fair to say that the environmental cost of travelling around the world – particularly when flying –can begin to add up. Your carbon footprint can be quite substantial and there’s the little things like the energy you use in your accommodation or in the activities you […]

Negative Effects of Palm Oil on Our Environment

Produced from the fruit of oil palm tree, palm oil is a kind of an edible vegetable oil which is grown in Asia, Africa, North America and South America.  Besides its use as cooking oil, palm oil is also used for personal care products, commercial foods as well as a biofuel. Despite its benefits and […]

Common Global Warming Myths Versus the Facts

There are plenty of discussions and debates happening everywhere regarding the global weather conditions getting rapidly changed. Global warming is one of the most threatening issues that planet earth is facing in the recent decades. Although scientists across the world have come up with the real reasons for the global warming around our atmosphere, there […]

Benefits of Green Cloud Computing

Green cloud computing is a trend which has become popular with the emergence of internet driven services in every field of life. It refers to the prospective environmental advantages that computer based internet services can guarantee to the environment, by processing huge amount of data and information from collective resources pool. The cloud computing is […]

8 Green Interior Decor Tips and Ideas

Green living and eco friendly ideas are in vogue these days and people of all countries are giving emphasis on every possibility to adopt a “green living”. Using environmentally friendly products in our daily lives and adopting eco-friendly style, designs, and home decor is definitely a great help towards nature and even your well being. […]

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    How to Keep Outdoor Workers Safe

    Architects and engineers are often so focused on the front end of planning that most don’t give a second thought to a handful of essential preparations that keep their people safe. Laborers who will be completing their designs are frequently overlooked, though the health and safety of outdoor workers is of paramount importance to completing […]

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    7 Tips and Tricks to Save Water in your Garden

    Water is an indispensible element for human civilization and unfortunately this resource is being misused immensely leading to probabilities of immense water scarcity in near future. If you have a garden, you will even more realise the worth of water as your nurtured plants simply cannot live without this “fuel”. The bigger the garden, the […]

  • interesting facts about paper recycling

    Interesting Facts About Paper Recycling

    Before paper if recycled, it is categorised into three sections – namely mill broke, post-consumer waste and pre-consumer waste. The paper manufacturers use the scrap paper materials for recycling purpose and this is done internally in the mill itself – thus this kind of recycled paper is known as Mill broke, while pre-consumer waste is […]

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    The Top 7 Benefits of Organic Farming

    Organic farming is a term which is used to refer to that kind of farming which is done by purely using natural methods and ways.  The process may involve the use of biological materials and avoiding the use of any kinds of synthetic or harmful materials which tend to disturb the ecological balance and lead […]

  • negative effects of recycling

    Know 7 Negative Effects of Recycling

    It is true that recycling is a wonderful practice, one that helps to restore the environment in many ways and ensures minimum wastage. Recycling is nature-friendly and is one practice which everyone must engage in at whatever level they can. But like all other things, recycling too has its flip side. This practice is also […]

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