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Hard Cover Books Endangered To Be Extinct

E-books! Really? What exactly is an e-book? An e-book is an electronic version of a book that is read on an e-book reader such as a Kindle, a Nook or even an iPad. These are electronic devices that are specifically made for e-books. You purchase the e-book and download it to your e-book reader and […]

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Kenya And Denmark – Different But Daring Green Energy Projects

In case you are wondering what Denmark and Kenya have in common, you don’t need to think much. It is the green projects that are similar for these, otherwise two different countries. Denmark is perhaps the first European country that provides green energy since long time ago. The Danish Government has made many efforts to […]

Different Types Of Organic Sheets

Different Types Of Organic Sheets

The textile industry has come a low way since it first used traditional fabrics for manufacturing cloth. As industry pumped progress into everyday life, it is our environment that took a big hit. Today, with the growing awareness on environmental hazards, technology and scientific advances have given us organic sheets that help minimize harmful toxins […]

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Sustainable Kitchenware To Make Your Kitchen Green

Green life style requires lots of things, moreover – it requires a special attention to your kitchen. It isn’t only about the ecological food we are consuming; it is about the kitchenware too. In 21st century, cooking also can be green with the latest ecological kitchen sets and wares. In case you want to change […]

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UV Water Filters – Water Purification Made Greener

In 21st century, purifying the water is an issue just as important as any other part of the so called green life style. Pure Water Bottle Filters are finally an adequate decision to the problem with the polluted water sources. The idea came from Timothy Whitehead. The inventor traveled through Africa, where the water is […]


China – Example of High Pollution Being Fought With Courage

Yes, the United States has still not made any progress on the piece of legislation regarding the climate that would actually set a price for carbon. In fact, Mr. John Kerry has recently said that the chances of that particular piece of legislation passing now are very low. China however may be in the process […]

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Green Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs

Perhaps you never thought that in your bed there is another presence, which doesn’t include your husband or wife. This presence is rarely avoidable and most of the people don’t have even an idea what this could be real. They are called bedbugs. No matter how clean are your mattresses, no matter of the hygiene […]

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Batteries

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Solar Batteries

Renewable energy is a necessity that is slowly being appreciated by everyone today. There are a growing number of homes, buildings, outdoor establishments that utilize solar batteries. With the rising cost for service necessities, such as electricity, people are slowly moving to newer sources for energy. Solar batteries have been out in the market for […]

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Seat Vs Lamborghini –Which Dreams A Greener Concept?

There are two names in the world of green auto concepts, which will probably make a revolution. Those names belong to Raphael Morais and Denis Archambault. Raphael is the official designer of the Seat Flexus, already a pretender for the greenest car of the future, while Denis Archambault is the designer behind Lamborghini’s car of […]


Ships And Boats Becoming Sustainable – Green Fuel For Greener Sailing

Everyone everywhere is talking about going green, reducing the carbon footprint, using sustainable energy and cutting back on emissions. This is a global concern as it should be. We are trying to use more solar and wind energy in our homes and offices. We are working on making hybrid cars more a thing of the […]