Rain Water Stored For Ecological Irrigation Supply


In case you are looking for better ideas to save water and provide smart irrigation, there are clever and inexpensive ways to do it. The experts are advising you to consider the rainwater as the best source, when it comes to irrigation.

Despite rainwater isn’t very safe for drinking, you can use it for anything else – watering your garden, washing and so on. This will cut your utility bills and mostly – you will have a smart and green way to use the natural resources. In case you want to use the rainwater, simply buy a rain barrel.

rain barrels 1

There are many models on the market, but typically the barrels are large tanks that must be placed under your house’s gutter in order to harvest the water from the roof. The basic models aren’t even expensive, you can find proper barrel for nearly $50. There are decorative models that go for $300 and more.

When you are choosing the barrel, you should consider several things before buying it. The first thing you should consider is the safety. A rain barrel has a capacity of 50-plus gallons of water, so the barrel needs to be child-and animal-proof.

Another important issue is the material. Many consider the common barrel’s material, which is just plastic as not such a good idea. Therefore, nowadays most of the barrels are made from environmental friendly materials that can be recycled afterwards.

rain barrels 2

The so called “eco barrels” are made of durable stainless steel to fiberglass, that are completely usable and moreover, these barrels don’t contain any toxins or chemicals. There are of course barrels made out of recycled plastic, so you can even choose already recycled materials.

In case you are looking for more sustainable choice, there is a decision. At the eco stores there are already rain barrels that are made from old wine or whiskey barrels, so by choosing them you are choosing to save materials that will eventually end up at the landfills.

As for the water that is preserved in the barrels, this is no longer a concern. The modern rainwater barrels are produced with special filters that basically clean the water and allow any kind of usage.

In case you already have an old barrel, but it isn’t equipped with filter, try to update it by yourself. Buy a fine-mesh screen and place it on the top of the barrel. It will keep out debris, dirt and insects.

There are special systems that allow the rainwater to be filtered and cleaned so to be drinkable, but so far they are too expensive for the consumers.


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