Orbital Wash – A New Way To Green Wash


Washing machines are one of the most helpful home appliances. However, sometimes you may not find them helpful for your pocket at all.

Many people dread their electricity and water bills, and whatever they do, are hardly able to bring them down beyond a limit. While searching for ways to reduce your utility bills, you should reconsider whether the machines and appliances you have at home are energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

orbital washWhile buying washing machines, apart from the machine, brand and price considerations, also think about how much effort and energy you can save if you go for a particular machine.

For instance, it is well-known that the front loading washing machine is more efficient than a top loading one.

This is because a front loading machine rotates your clothes in a more complete and effective manner.

The top-loading one will make certain areas of the clothes remain soiled or it will take longer time for cleaning.

Most washing machines spend a lot of energy to heat up the water for washing. This is not required in all cases so it would be better to buy one that allows you to decide whether or not to wash in hot water.

Pay attention to the dryer options too and check to see if the machine has a moisture detector. These readings will help you determine drying time and thus, you can have a say in saving energy.

Considering all these, there is a new product, which has been designed and developed by Tiffany Roddis – the Orbital washing machines. Orbital washing machine consists of a machine and two drums, a white drum for white clothes and a blue drum for coloured clothes.

These drums can be filled with clothes and inserted into the machine. The machine will spin the drum on an axis allowing faster movement and better cleaning in lesser time.

The detergent tray allows just the right amount of detergent to fall into the drum.
The best thing about the Orbital washing machine is the usage of water.

The water is sprayed from the sides of the tub, which is almost like a shower. So, the right amount of water is sprayed into the drum which allows the drum to rotate and revolve more freely as the water does not deter the movement. This procedure makes the whole washing process faster due to which a lot of energy is saved.

The clothes revolve and are thrown from one side to the other even as water and detergent enters the inside of the drum. The machine may be designed blue but in operation, it is absolutely green. This eco-friendly washing machine would surely be an asset for your home.


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