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ecofriendly home

Making your Home Eco-Friendly: Things That Save You Money

As purse strings tighten and the world increasingly shifts its focus to eco-friendly products and lifestyles, it’s hard to overlook the money-saving benefits that more environmentally-aware products bring to the table. Research from insurance provider Castle Cover showed that utility prices have increased drastically over recent years, so while shopping around can save you money […]

evoenergy solar panel

What Changes Can You Make Around Your Home to Save Money?

Continuing pressures on personal budgets have made money-saving efforts across the home, such as installing solar panels from, increasingly popular as households struggle to keep purse strings tight. Solar panel energy now accounts for approximately 20 per cent of the energy used per year. This is thought to have increased due to government schemes […]


Green Clothes with Eco T-Shirt Printing

Clothing is an area that is nearly limitless in its possibilities. T-shirts, the most common form of clothing, printed t shirts especially malleable when it comes to style choices. With the different designs that are available in just a T-shirt, the tastes of every person are represented. Many of these shirts are manufactured in processes […]

worst cars for environment

The Not So Environmental Friendly Cars of 2011

The cars in our days seem to be able to do everything, they almost drive themselves, but there are some things that seem to be impossible for them, and one extremely important thing is being eco-friendly. While we might think that this is an important concept for people, there are still numerous persons who are […]

reducing energy consumption

Industrial Audits and Reducing the Energy Consumption

What do you do when you are a big company with an energy cost of over 10,000 dollars and a production output equaled by the same amount? The answer is: you get an energy audit. Many companies such as those involved in heavy manufacturing process face the challenge of reducing the energy consumption. This is […]


2011 – The International Year of the Forests

The UN general assembly has declared 2011 the International Year of the Forests. The campaign comes with an impressive logo focused on showing the importance of each essential element we take advantage of from the international ecosystem. The campaign logo covers everything from the air purifying effect of the forests to the healing powers of […]

eco responsibility

Eco Responsibility – Tips for A Green Lady

The world talks about saving the planet and the lady in you thinks factories and acid rain. Since you are not wonder woman to take your whip and go save the world, you can help reducing the garbage you produce and the energy you consume. To this you can add a bit of good will […]

organic milk

Organic Milk – Is the Price Worth It?

A study conducted by the University of Newcastle, Great Britain, and financed by the European Union has analyzed 22 different brands of milk normally found in supermarkets. The study concluded that the organic milk has a lower level of saturated fats which are bad for the human health and a higher level of fatty acids […]

japan nuclear power

Nature Crushes Japan and Sets it on the Road to Nuclear Disaster

The “Land of the Rising Sun” is facing the wrath of nature. It has now been compounded with a dangerous emergency that has never been seen before. Japan is staring in the face of a major radioactive leak. The Fukushima nuclear plant has reported radiation levels that are 15,000 times higher than the accepted levels […]

organic cosmetics

Organic Cosmetics – How Green Is Your Beauty?

There are a lot of definitions floating around the natural products certified as organic and this makes the evaluation and the choice very difficult. ECOCERT in Europe and USDA in America are the authorities responsible for analyzing and certifying the natural organic products. The regulations of these public authorities state that the organic cosmetics must […]