Your Water Footprint And The Impact Over Environment


The water waste and the water footprint are not the same but for sure are related.

The most significant way we can monitor our level of water consumption in a world where fresh water quantity is actually limited is calculating our water footprint.

water footprint 1

What we do not know is that the water supply available for our survival as a species is but a very small part from all the water spread over our planet and that this tiny share must fit the need of our species but also the needs of all the other animal and vegetal life we share the Earth with.

How does calculating the water footprint help?

Well according to the scientific world calculating it will surely demonstrate how wrong is our approach towards water consumption and as a result will make us rethink the way we act as consumers of this precious resource.

water footprint 2

How can we do that?

Rethinking the landscape we choose so it will use less watering, revamping the bathroom so tap water and hot water will be consumed wisely, starting the washing machine only when it is at full capacity so the water will serve a higher cleaning purpose; eating, drinking and shopping less because all we consume requires water to be made.

We should learn to care about our water source. It doesn’t belong to us but to the many generations that will realm the Earth after we are gone.


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