Green Cities Of The Future – The Principles And The Facts


We know green cities are the future. In the 21st century, the world’s urban centers are now aiming to cut 80 percent of CO2 emissions. There are some major projects, which will cost billions of dollars.

Actually there is already an exact statistic about the expenses of creating green cities. According to the official statistics, 350 trillion will be spent on creating green urban infrastructure.

This amazing figure is growing, simply because the global population continues to grow. It isn’t easy to build an entirely new infrastructure and some of the projects will surely be closed.

green cities of the future 1

Some people aren’t so optimists about it, but the truth is – despite the green cities are a hyper expensive goal, they are going to save the environment and the nature, because in the same time the world population grows, the pollution grows too.

The main goal of the environmentalists is to cut down the fossil-fuel use, to use only sustainable materials for building and to expand the so called “green space”, in order to clean the air quality.

Energy efficiency is also an issue, so far a disturbing issue, especially for the biggest urban centers on the planet.

green cities of the future 2

For instance, the project of San Francisco’s Treasure Island, California is praised as the greenest project of the future, but its building and realization will take lots of time and money. Yet, this project will include anything one can need for an entirely green urban existing.

Just imagine: there will be built a 20-acre city operated organic farm, which will supply all the residents with organic food.

The solar and the wind- farms will power the city as it is expected by 2020 the solar panels to cover 70 percents of the town – this mean that annually they will be able to generate 30 million kilowatt / hour of electricity.

green cities of the future 3

The project will replace the old electricity system and this will cut down the pollution with 80 percents by 2020. The bad news is that its releasing isn’t going to be easy. In a time of recession, launching projects like this are more than expensive.

So is the latest project of Victoria, British Columbia. The town can praise with Dockside Green project, an ambitious project that will turn the town into a carbon-neutral one by 2012.

The project is so far under analysis, but it isn’t very sure that it will ever become a reality, simply because it will take billions of dollars to fund a project like this. The dream of the environmentalists is useful and surely will save the planet, but the process to its completion remains too long and sometimes, too harsh.


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