How to Maintain Ecological Balance

How to Maintain Ecological Balance

Ecological balance denotes a system where a stable equilibrium has to be maintained in order to continue its original point of balance including the whole system. The organism of earth is inert-connected with the environment in flimsy balanced cycle.

The sun is considered as the source of energy which is used by plants for the production of foods which is further used by other creatures. The next step towards the continuation of this cycle includes death of plants and other animals and consumption of those by microorganism. This ecological balance is in danger due to the over use of natural resources and pollution.

Hence it must be our duty to be cautious regarding the damages to the ecological balance and adhere to the steps given below for prevention.

Management of Natural Resources

Efforts must be concerted in order to maintain sustainable manner to use the natural resources for maintenance of ecological balance. The expansion of civilization has put on burden over the ecosystem. Fossil fuels, minerals and different natural resources are at alarming rate. Therefore human beings have to shift their usage to other alternatives.

Controlling Population

The problem of over population has to be controlled despite of cultural, emotional or religious sensitivity. For example as excessive fishes in an aquarium will foul the water, over population on the planet is quite capable enough to destroy ecological balance. Therefore the government of every state has to involve themselves to control population through family planning and contraception to reduce stress on ecosystem.

Protecting the Water

Marine ecosystem is at threat due to the effects of polluted water of manufacturing as well as agricultural runoffs. Alternative ways should be incorporated for the reduction and elimination of pollution which are coming from streets or farms so that ecological balance can be maintained.

Extensive usage of agricultural fertilizers has speeded up the growth of algae in streams and lakes which create an obstacle to the way of sunlight and oxygen. The final result is reduction of the amount of natural greenary in marine system. Consequently marine animals are on the way of death which hampers the eco system.

What to do

Recycling has been considered as the best way in your hand to prevent ecological imbalance. Through choosing energy saving appliance and automobiles, you will not only save your pocket but from a broad point of view you will help to protect ecological balance of Mother Earth. Spread awareness among your friend and family to be ecologically aware to protect the ecosystem.


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