The Raw Truth About The Truly Organic Food


In a century of a green style commitment, organic food is perhaps one of theb. We want to live healthy and consume green and eco-friendly food, but there is a disturbing question: How healthy is actually the organic food we consume?

Actually, there are some facts about the organic food that aren’t very pleasant, simply because organic isn’t yet a synonymous with healthful and well eating. According to Mark Bittman that recently wrote about the problem, organic food isn’t the cure of all issues related to the food.

Eating organic doesn’t mean you will lose weight or you will eat less. The control of the food you are consuming is important; no matter what are you eating. Bittman has made a research and proved that despite the organic food is now popular; most of the Americans don’t eat healthy.

organic food 1

Eating less – this is so far the only key to keep a good diet regime. Another issue about the organic foods is the so called “food miles”. It is a term that provokes lots of concerns.

Most of the organic labels don’t provide exact information about where an item was made, so we can’t be sure how green is this item. For instance, if your “green” food is produced in New Zealand and you consume it in New York, be sure it is not green.

According to the statistic, most of the organic foods are prepared outside of the country and the bad emission from transportation turns the product into non environmental-friendly food.

organic food 2

Another disturbing issue about the organic food brands is the fact that many of them are owned by huge conglomerates. Instead of buying organic products from small local farms and helping the local farmers, we buy popular organic food, which is usually owned by well known conglomerates.

The green revolution wasn’t exactly about this. It was about cutting down the bad emissions of the transport that is used for delivering the foods to your local store.

In this matter, the experts are advising you to avoid buying the well commissioned organic food and to go for the local farms and the nearest sources of green foods. Take a good look at the ingredients in your organic food, because there can be lots of surprises.

According to the official information, there are 38 ingredients you should avoid, when it comes to organic foods. These are the celery powder, sausage casings, fish oils, hops and some colorings. Don’t forget that the goal is 100 percent organic, which means each of the ingredients needs to be original to an organic source.


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