Solar Leasing – The Green Energy Option For Home Owners


In case you want to live green, you will surely start with inserting solar panels for your home. There is only one problem, especially in times of recession. Solar power panels aren’t exactly affordable and cheap, especially if you are going for the latest models.

Most of the people that already have solar panels are surely people, who can afford it. Recently there is a change that will be extremely useful for anyone – solar power is now available for anyone.

solar panels for your home 1

There is a new solar power program that allows to each customer solar power panels through leasing. The so called Solar Power Purchase Agreement is a program that is released by the EPA organization. It is a call for more affordable prices, when it comes to solar panels.

solar panels for your home 2The program is invented and targets the solar companies. They will be given some benefits to provide solar panels and all kind of related services, but leasing them to the customers instead of selling.

The agreement is sort of a contract for transfer between producers, providers and homeowners. The monthly lease payments will ease the customer and it will encourage the solar panel’s purchases.

Another measure is the “Solar Investment Tax Credit”, which will be collected by the solar leasing producers and companies. It will ease the producers and on the other hand, this will increase the sales of the solar panels.


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