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Going Green Without Breaking The Bank

Going Green Without Breaking The Bank

Everybody is affected by the different problems our environment is facing today. People are now coming up with ways on how to save Mother Nature and one of their effective techniques lies on going green. Going green has been considered not only as a means to lessen the carbon footprint on the environment but also […]

car sharing

Relayrides – A Car For The Future

RelayRides has always been a company that cares for the environment. This time the brand is offering a whole new system for less pollution in our landmark. The idea is simply to share a car in your trips. According to the statics one shared-car is able to replace nearly 18 cars on the road. This […]

recycle phone

The Green Thing to do is Recycle Your Old Phones

With soaring unemployment rates, nature’s fragile state, and the cost of having and running electronic devices, it can mean that selling, recycling or donating them when you are finished with them can have a positive impact on the environment and your finances. With more consumer electronics in use around the home, everything from old TVs […]

green energy movement

Ireland Can Take Advantage Of The Green Energy Movement

Ireland was among the European countries that were deeply touched by the world recession. The country had major loss and their green strategy is perhaps the major key to improving the economical situation. According to the experts, the country has overcome the crisis with renewable energy business undertakings. The so called “smart economy” is a […]

Soccket - Sustainable, Fun Energy For Poor Countries

Soccket – Sustainable, Fun Energy For Poor Countries

When the world changes slowly – but unfortunately not to our liking – in a way from nature-focused lifestyle to techno-focused lifestyle, it is not big news to see that the energy resources are diminishing day by day. On the day people give up listening and respecting the nature, they begin to damage the natural […]

Household Green Cleaning Tips

Household Green Cleaning Tips

Green cleaning is a concept in which people follow to promote non-toxic chemicals are used in their household. Traditional cleaning agents today contain too much chemicals that can harm ones health in exponential ways possible. The fact that people know this, they are becoming more aware of green cleaning to help preserve their health. There […]

carbon pollution

Carbon Reporting Will Get More Scrutiny

According to several companies that analyze the corporate carbon foot prints, it is really difficult to find out who is really responsible for the emissions. The new efforts for indicating each carbon emission is suggested by the U.S. organization EPA. Soon there will be a new greenhouse gas registration and each company will be required […]

sony vaio

Sony Goes Green And Introduces An Eco Laptop Vaio W

Finally Sony surprised the eco lovers with a brand new green version of VAIO laptop. The company has spent many days in creating the most eco friendly laptop ever, as they described their latest product. This is the first laptop of the company that is made with 80 percent recycled components. The top and the […]

herbal supplements

Is Healthy Medicine So Healthy?

Traditional medicines of the world are usually based on ecological components taken directly from nature and transformed into life giving medicines that have been around for ages. Is this the truth and nothing else, or behind the theory that all natural medicine is good hides a danger for everyone who takes it? Currently people take […]

Green Furniture For Your Eco Friendly Home

Green Furniture For Your Eco Friendly Home

Green furniture is slowly making its way to bigger product awareness nowadays. With the growing demand for environment safe products, it is no surprise that green furniture is taking home a big chunk of market share.[Green Furniture Companies] To get things started, they are made from all-natural and environment friendly materials carefully chosen to live […]