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The Dirty Business of Hard Science

Science can be a really dirty business. By dirty, I do not mean corrupt (although it can be). I mean filthy. Hard science is disgustingly filthy in ways that make me a little queasy just thinking about. Science is also far from green. It takes a lot of energy to run something like the Large […]


How to Make Your Garden More Eco-Friendly

It may seem strange to discuss how to make an inherently natural space more environmentally friendly, but the truth is that many gardens are ecological disasters due to the use of chemical pesticides and the waste of water. If you’re interested in taking a more sustainable approach to gardening, there are plenty of ways to […]

recycling centres

How Waste & Recycling Centres are Saving Our Planet

Anytime that you visit a waste and recycling centre you will be astonished by the volumes of waste and items to be recycled. When you consider how many of these centres there are in this country it makes you think about how much waste we generate and how we would manage without these centres. Recycling […]


Government looking to change the legislation on smoking in cars

Passive smoking has always been considered a health hazard and it is likely to be more damaging in confined spaces such as cars and other vehicles. This worry for our children’s health has led to the possibility of a new ban that makes it a criminal offence for drivers to smoke in their vehicles when […]

Right Window Treatments

Improve Your Home’s Efficiency with the Right Window Treatments

Window treatments are often one of the best ways to accent or complete the design of a room, and trying to find the perfect ones is rarely an easy task. However, besides increasing aesthetic, the right window coverings and treatments can greatly increase the energy efficiency of your windows, and you don’t have to sacrifice a […]


Eco-Upholstery: Top 6 Manufacturers

Many people are looking to revamp their homes in order to be more environmentally friendly and energy efficient. There are many ways to do this: Duro Last roofing, replacing your bulbs with CFLs, programming your thermostats, etc. One of the most frequent hindrances to people not upgrading their home appliances is simply not knowing who […]

energy efficient house

Going Green? Start with a Green Mortgage!

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to transform your home into a more eco-friendly living area, consider applying for a green mortgage. A green mortgage, which is also called an Energy Efficient Mortgage (EEM), is a type of loan that provides you with a larger amount of money than you may normally receive with […]

fuel cell green taxi

Green Taxis: A Big Step in the Right Direction?

The world of taxis could be changing for the better in a big way very soon. While professional drivers are already saving money through LPG gas, low deals from Staveley Head taxi insurance and better driving techniques to lower fuel consumptions, an entirely new generation of taxis is emerging that could seriously work in the […]

Eco Printing

Eco-Printing: The Future of Business Promotions

Any forward-thinking business wants to be at the forefront of printing developments, especially if they encompass “green measures”. Given the increased environmental awareness of both customers and businesses, more and more companies are choosing to incorporate eco-printing to their everyday operations to protect the environment and add an ethical string to their reputational bow. If […]

Energy Plus Company

Going Green Could Be as Easy as Switching Your Utility Company

We are all looking for ways to better our environment and our financial situations, and many to turn their homes for solutions. Our homes can run up high energy costs which increase our carbon footprint while decreasing our monthly checking accounts. To reduce energy consumption, many household are choosing solar or geothermal technologies while others […]