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black sea

Black Sea Garbage Becomes Energy

There are many green projects for Black Sea in Europe. Romanian, Turkish and Bulgarian researches are experiencing ways to produce energy from the trash that lies at the sea bottom. There are some major projects for creating a plant for incineration of all types of waste, which will produce electricity and steam. The amount of […]


Green For Facade But Allowing Smoking

Lately each hotel and building gets a special certificate for green qualities. There are also programs that certify the air quality, green options and sustainable building. These programs seem to forget one thing – how about smoking? According to several researches in the biggest green buildings and hotels in the U.S. that are already certified […]

Solar Panel Producers Ready To Recycle The Solar Panels Waste

Solar Panel Producers Ready To Recycle The Solar Panels Waste

Coming up with better means of producing energy is ranking pretty high on some company’s priorities. Being able to actually produce clean energy without having to burn oil is very important and is one way to lessen the world’s dependency on oil and other fossil fuels that are very harmful to the environment, being actually […]

outdoor bench

From Rainwater Harvesting to Renewable Power Generation: 7 Amazing Bus Shelters with Eco-Friendly Features

From rainwater harvesting to renewable power generation – 7 amazing bus shelters with eco-friendly features.

The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

The Benefits Of Bamboo Flooring

One option on hardwood flooring that has gained popularity over the years is the use of bamboo flooring in residential as well as commercial places. This is because many have already realized the many benefits of using bamboo for flooring purposes compared to its counterparts. Originally this material comes from a highly renewable sources and […]


Ecological Lighting For The Future Greener Planet

The last report of US Department of Energy has been very clear that lightening represents nearly 12 percent of energy consumption for homes, as well as 25 percent for commercial consumption. These figures are not very satisfying. There is one company that is going to offer less energy consumption with a brand new system of […]

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Smart Rebate For The Low Cost Electric Car

In case you consider buying a new electric car, there is some good news. The price of the eco cars rebates of up to $5000. The battery vehicles have cut off the price after economic pressure on the market. On the other hand, the electric car manufacturers were strongly criticized over the high prices of […]

The Future Fuel Hidden In Algae

The Future Fuel Hidden In Algae

There are many different kinds of alternative fuel sources studied and tested. It is important to find something that is not as detrimental to the environment as gasoline. One of the fuel sources being observed is algae. Algae can convert biomass into fuel and many companies such as ExxonMobil are looking at this possibility in […]

fish with six-pack abs

Engineered Fish For Increase Of Production

A scientific team spent the last 10 years in researches how to create a new fish that could grow more muscle mass while eating the same quantity of food. Apparently the scientist had a success in creating it and now the results of their work are clear. The reports about this amazing new fish are […]

Living Environmentally Friendly With Eco Clothing

Living Environmentally Friendly With Eco Clothing

Fashion today has become more geared to environmental preservation. Eco clothing is an accepted world-wide trend in the fashion industry and is made by quite a number of medium and large scale enterprises. Given the fact that a lot of branded clothing manufacturers are following the trend of eco clothing, designs such as tank-tops, trousers, […]