The Green Thing to do is Recycle Your Old Phones


recycle phoneWith soaring unemployment rates, nature’s fragile state, and the cost of having and running electronic devices, it can mean that selling, recycling or donating them when you are finished with them can have a positive impact on the environment and your finances.

With more consumer electronics in use around the home, everything from old TVs and computers to mobile phones can be successfully recycled; some places will even give you money to recycle.

In the UK there are local programs where collection companies will come and take your old TV away for free, or you can donate your old PC to a charity but did you know you can also make money and be green by recycling your old mobile phone? The rest of this article will mainly focus around mobile phone recycling.

Deciding to recycle your old mobile phone is a wise decision – it helps the environment, it can help your pocket and helps to de-clutter your home. There are a multitude of old mobile phones just lying around on desks and in drawers, as people have upgraded or gone out and purchased a new mobile phone and just ‘forget’ about their older phone.

The old handsets with the older pieces of technology are totally expendable in the view of the user and as companies stack the schematics and orchestrate microchips, cell phones are becoming like old cars; scrapped in junkyards (but worse in landfill sites where they will pollute the environment).

Newer phones in the viewpoint of the user, have more to offer, and like clothing trends and new fads of the younger generation, teens and young adults flock to purchase these latest phones every two years. At that rate, an older phone in a lesser situation would be rendered obsolete in just 4-5 years or 2 years if it is unlucky.

Get the best deal

Using comparison sites for Mobile phone recycling is a great idea as it can save you time and effort in comparing prices and showing you the best deal you can get for recycling your old phone. All you have to do is enter the make and model of your phone on a site and confirm you are happy with the price that is quoted on screen.

If you are happy you send your phone to the company you choose and they will send you payment for it in a few days. The money or credit you earn for the phone varies on whether it is in working order and how new the handset is and also what phones, companies decide are in demand to get back.

There are many phone recycling companies out there from FoneBank to Envirofone and Royal Mail’s simply drop service. These companies will give you money for your old phone and it doesn’t really matter if the phone works or not, although you will be given less money, it if it doesn’t work.

This is the ideal solution for the environment because the worst thing that you can do with an old phone is to just throw it into the bin. Mobile phones contain several toxins such as cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic and, we do not need to contaminate our landfills or pollute the soil, air and water supplies in the area around us by doing this.

Where the phones end up

The working phones that are recycled can simply be used by others who are less fortunate and can be sent to developing countries to help there.  The nonworking phones can be repaired or used to fix other handsets, which can then be used by others. Using old phones to help repair other phones means that mining for metals can stop and so the damage to wildlife areas should be reduced.

When you recycle your phone you help slow down the damage done to our atmosphere by mining in wildlife rich areas, you can also save extra space in your home by minimizing clutter and earning yourself some money in the process.


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