Is Healthy Medicine So Healthy?


Traditional medicines of the world are usually based on ecological components taken directly from nature and transformed into life giving medicines that have been around for ages.

Is this the truth and nothing else, or behind the theory that all natural medicine is good hides a danger for everyone who takes it?

herbal supplementsCurrently people take food and herbal supplements following the principles of Ayurvedic medicine or the ones of the ancient Chinese medicine.

A Chinese medicine practitioner from Essex declared himself guilty of causing cancer to one of his patients after treating him with aristolochic acid, a proven carcinogen banned from the general market.

After this happened, the scientists started to look more carefully into the matter and discovered that many products used in the traditional medicine do more harm than good being very far from the natural curative properties attributed to them.

Many of them contain heavy metals in dangerous levels so the risk of getting liver failure from this “ecological” treatment is very high.


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