Sony Goes Green And Introduces An Eco Laptop Vaio W


Finally Sony surprised the eco lovers with a brand new green version of VAIO laptop. The company has spent many days in creating the most eco friendly laptop ever, as they described their latest product.

This is the first laptop of the company that is made with 80 percent recycled components.

sony vaioThe top and the bottom cover are recycled from DVDs and CDs, which is a huge step into the green technologies. The screen is innovatively created with LED backlights and the battery has an impressive capacity. Its life is 8.5 hours.

eco vaioThe new laptop has 250GB hard drive and all new technologies. The packing savings are comprehensive and due to it Sony succeeds to reduce CO2 emission with 10 percent.

sony vaio pinkIt is said that the company even invented a new distribution system that reduces carbon emissions. The VAIO laptops come stored in boxes of 4. This way, even transportation gas cost has been reduced.

pink vaio


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