Relayrides – A Car For The Future


RelayRides has always been a company that cares for the environment. This time the brand is offering a whole new system for less pollution in our landmark. The idea is simply to share a car in your trips.

According to the statics one shared-car is able to replace nearly 18 cars on the road. This way the company is planning to set an example when it comes to more green efforts-as we all know the fewer cars on the road, the less pollution in the environment.

car sharingThe plan of RelayRides includes an unusual concept of car-sharing. The concept includes pairing car owners with individuals, who needs to rent a car for a particular period of time.

The pricing plan is also impressive. The company is planning to share even economic vehicles for $6 per hour, as well as luxury cars, whose prices start at $12 per hour. The economic plan of the RelayRides will reduce the emission and the pollution and it will give as well opportunity for fewer cars in the traffic jungle.


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