Carbon Reporting Will Get More Scrutiny


According to several companies that analyze the corporate carbon foot prints, it is really difficult to find out who is really responsible for the emissions. The new efforts for indicating each carbon emission is suggested by the U.S. organization EPA.

Soon there will be a new greenhouse gas registration and each company will be required to indicate in details their emissions. The new registry will include the emissions from nearly 10,000 companies, that represent 85 percent of the U.S. total carbon output.

carbon pollutionThe new carbon reporting will also include individual emitters such as power plants, oil refiners and other major manufacturers. The new data will be much more detailed and will provide new indexes about the companies, including industry classification code.

This will help EPA monitor the industry far better than before. The new data is expected in September. After that EPA will inform the sector about the air pollution and climate options that the agency is offering.


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