Ireland Can Take Advantage Of The Green Energy Movement


Ireland was among the European countries that were deeply touched by the world recession. The country had major loss and their green strategy is perhaps the major key to improving the economical situation.

According to the experts, the country has overcome the crisis with renewable energy business undertakings. The so called “smart economy” is a basic part in stimulating Ireland’s economy.

green energy movement

The statistic in the recent year shows that the country is going to fight the crisis with renewable energy projects. They are helping the country as they are opening nearly 12,000 new jobs in this sector. The official plans of the government are for opening new 120,000 jobs in this industry by the end of 2020.

Ireland’s new strategy is to set at least 40 percent renewable sourcing of its electricity. In the next 10 years the country is expecting the new green projects to run the country, funded by the private sector, which already has shown interest investing into renewable energy business plans.


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