Soccket – Sustainable, Fun Energy For Poor Countries


When the world changes slowly – but unfortunately not to our liking – in a way from nature-focused lifestyle to techno-focused lifestyle, it is not big news to see that the energy resources are diminishing day by day.

On the day people give up listening and respecting the nature, they begin to damage the natural sources of energy and the balance of the earth.

Hearing everyday the talk of global warming and a lot other sad news becomes a matter of public concern to ask for something to be done in order to slow down or stop this process that is damaging the world.

Scientists work continuously days and nights trying to find a solution. The irony is that they are looking for a solution to what they have caused before – with the newest technological equipments and systems. The students are educated and trained to sustain and preserve the world’s natural resources and focus on developing new forms of sustainable energy.

However, scientists’ and students’ solutions seem to need some effort, time and investment to become real through the ongoing life. The general population, fighting for survival and leading a busy life may sometimes lose the focus on what is really important for the future and not take the time to share the effort done for saving the world.

The little effort people might offer is sometimes exactly what is needed for our way of life to make a step forward and become responsible towards our planet.

In order to change this situation, there may be some ways to cheer up people and let them restore, consume less, and even create sustainable energy while having fun.

Well-designed LED lights for instance, can be a good example of what people could buy to consume less energy and still go for a fashionable decorative look.

When thinking that there are lots of alternatives of encouraging people to consume less, restoring sustainable energy plays a more important role. At the Harvard University, a group of students developed an energy-harvesting soccer ball called soccket. Soccket can easily produce electric energy when being kicked around.

Now that is a brilliant idea, especially for countries like Africa, where at nights people use kerosene lamps which are expensive and dangerous to use. In order to prevent this situation, this is a very good alternative idea of creating energy that would be used when the sun goes down.

The handicap of this idea might be the small amount of energy generated. However, once a creative energy restoring idea like this has been brought to life more and more work can be done on the concept and many more fun ways may come along that could be used for the same purpose.

In addition, people living in Africa usually respect the sunlight timing, meaning that they wake up early with the sunlight and do not spend long hours sitting at nights like the city people do in other countries.

Saving energy for only several hours might sound as something irrelevant, but it might help more than expected the African people from the poorer countries.

Watching African kids playing around with sOccket for the whole day, it is hard to believe that the same ball will help lighting up the night. Still, it is satisfying to see a fun activity turned into something tangible meant to encourage people to feel that they can both have fun and help the world. Thinking this at a larger scale might become a viable solution of power generating through motion and might create the ideal way of generating endless energy.


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