Going Green Without Breaking The Bank


Everybody is affected by the different problems our environment is facing today.

People are now coming up with ways on how to save Mother Nature and one of their effective techniques lies on going green.

Going green has been considered not only as a means to lessen the carbon footprint on the environment but also as a way to create new job opportunities in these current economic situation. Going green has been seen a way to recover economically and ecologically.

This concept has been gaining a lot of attention and good raves lately. Though there are still some people who are doubtful on the positive impact that going green can have, many have agreed that this really have a timeless impact on our environment, not to mention the cost-effective options it can offer to those who are experiencing financial difficulties.

And while it’s true that most going green methods need a hefty up-front pricing, it does offer great saving on the back-end. However, not all endeavors on going green mean that you have to break the bank.

There are many ways of going green on your homes, and though they don’t really offer financial recovery, the savings you can get with these simple endeavors can help you and maybe give you the opportunity to start green projects, green living and contribute to a healthier environment.


One going green method that’s very popular is recycling, but this is not limited to the traditional paper plastic recycling that we know. It should also include reusing of different products.

For instance, if you are going to renovate your house, you can consider using reclaimed lumber or flooring as alternative to wood products.

Painting floors

Instead of renovating hardwood flooring, you might want to consider painting them. This is a very cost-effective way of going green in your homes.

However, you have to make sure that you are picking out the best techniques in floor painting and to purchase paints with low volatile organic compounds.

Green hardware supplies

If you are thinking of redesigning your home to be green, you check out local architects or designers who specialize in green home designs. But if you intend to work on it on your own, you can always try to research and find suppliers of green building supplies.

These are materials which are considered eco-friendly, organic or natural products, they have low or no VOC’s and are easily renewable.

Green energy

This is more of a mechanical way of going green which is also considered as an important component of your home design.

It could be something simple as improving your insulations to reduce energy consumption or a major move such as installing solar energy sources for heating and cooling your homes.

The most important step that an individual can take in going green is to be physically and mentally aware of the options.

One can explore a lot of options when it comes to going green, all you have to do is check with your local going green agencies for you to get better direction and education on how to go green.


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