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Eco-friendly Architecture

Eco-friendly Architecture – Can It Help Create Cleaner City Air?

Is it possible to live in a city and to breathe clean air in the same time? According to some engineers, the two concepts might be placed besides each other. The technology that we have at our hands makes everything possible including the repairing of the harm that has already been done. For example, theoretically, […]

Water For Africa

Water for Africa – Some Noteworthy Projects

Although the majority of us take for granted things like drinking clean water, washing the car and watering the lawn, there are a lot of people who are struggling with the lack of clean water. The majority of these people are living in Africa, where, because of pollution, drought, regional conflicts and mismanagement, millions of […]

Green Cities

A Glimpse into the Future to See the Green Cities

Go green, people. More and more people are talking about the importance of a “green” lifestyle, and although in the last period this concept has gained a lot of popularity, it isn’t a totally new idea. Ebenezer Howard already made some suggestions regarding this matter in 1898. Still the huge amount of pollution made this […]

Ethiopian Danakil desert

Danakil Dessert – The Way Nature Proves its Cruel Side

What does a vacation mean? In the majority of cases people picture themselves on sunny beaches, sipping a cocktail or having a good swim in a nice pool. Others prefer to be more active on vacations and to experience something that they have never experienced before. In this case you might be thinking about going […]

Solar Power

Horizon Bringing Together Wind and Solar Power

There are two major topics in our days that everybody knows about: pollution and eco-friendly solutions. Since this is such an important issue, there are numerous scientists who are trying to find a way to deal with the increasing need of electricity. Loseva Larisa, Emtsov Sergei and Ivan Romanov from Russia have created a new […]

reducing energy consumption

Industrial Audits and Reducing the Energy Consumption

What do you do when you are a big company with an energy cost of over 10,000 dollars and a production output equaled by the same amount? The answer is: you get an energy audit. Many companies such as those involved in heavy manufacturing process face the challenge of reducing the energy consumption. This is […]

Things to do During Earth Hour

The Smart Eco Things You Can Do in the Dark Even After Earth Hour

For the last five years the last Saturday of March is being celebrated as Earth Hour. Last year more than a billion people participated and all they were required to do was switch of all electric appliances including lights during the designated hour 8.30-9.30 P.M. This is a voluntary gesture and with a billion plus […]

Green Houses

Bamboo Housing Project Can Become a Natural Disaster Relief

With the destruction in Haiti comes the need to build housing that can stand up to such natural disasters and not collapse under their destructive nature. St Val Architect studio has designed eco-friendly houses for the Port au Prince, housing project. The design takes inspiration from the traditional art of bamboo baskets. These baskets are […]

Greener Living

Avoid Clutter and Support Organized Greener Living

At first we might all think that clutter has nothing to do with green living. Actually, in case there is clutter in your home office, you can be sure that you can do plenty of things to straighten it up and make your office greener. One of the causes of clutter is all those bills […]


2011 – The International Year of the Forests

The UN general assembly has declared 2011 the International Year of the Forests. The campaign comes with an impressive logo focused on showing the importance of each essential element we take advantage of from the international ecosystem. The campaign logo covers everything from the air purifying effect of the forests to the healing powers of […]