Eco-friendly Architecture – Can It Help Create Cleaner City Air?


Is it possible to live in a city and to breathe clean air in the same time? According to some engineers, the two concepts might be placed besides each other. The technology that we have at our hands makes everything possible including the repairing of the harm that has already been done.

For example, theoretically, some engineers could offer New York City fresh air by ‘feeding’ on the pollution that the city creates. The name of this revolutionary new idea is Bubble Wrap and it has been created by Ben Lee and Andrew Tetrault.

Eco-friendly Architecture

The whole idea is based on an active and living infrastructure that would take away the things that the citizens hate about New York and replace all the pollution with fresh air.

The bubbles would have plants in them that could clear the air and release the fresh air at ground level. The polluted air is driven to the bubbles and these will get it scrubbed. The bubble structure would also offer some extra space and this could be home to cultural and other kinds of events.

According to the designers, the system would work as a ‘parasite’, but in reality the relationship is a symbiotic one – it takes something and offers something else in return.

Another great idea, that at the moment seems to be more than just a simple idea has been created by Vincent Callebaut. He decided to mix technology with design and he offered a whole new meaning to the concept of ‘green building’.

Just as in the previous case, the building would help with the problems regarding pollution just by sitting there.

The prototype project will be built in Paris, and the interesting thing about it is that it is covered by 250 square meters of solar photovaltic panels that have been coated with titanium dioxide.

This system would work as a catalytic system and so it would produce electric energy. The titanium dioxide also reacts with the air particles, breaking it down and so it reduces the pollution.

It also comes with a lot of green surface and it catches rainwater that would be used within the building. One part of the building consists of a wind tower that is able to generate electricity from the power of wind. This part has a cylindrical structure with a spiral pattern that comes with axis turbines moving because of the wind power while producing energy.


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