Danakil Dessert – The Way Nature Proves its Cruel Side


What does a vacation mean? In the majority of cases people picture themselves on sunny beaches, sipping a cocktail or having a good swim in a nice pool. Others prefer to be more active on vacations and to experience something that they have never experienced before.

In this case you might be thinking about going on a safari or something of the sort. While this might sound a little extreme to some people, others truly take the idea of a vacation to the limits, and they visit willingly a place that others would pay to avoid.

Ethiopian Danakil desert

It is said that in case you would like to see how hell is like, you might visit the place called “Hell on Earth” located in the Ethiopian Danakil desert. If you visit this place you can be sure to have the experience of a lifetime, because it will offer a sight that you will never forget.

You will find the air filled with different kinds of gases and foul smells. The sight that you will see might be closest to an alien terrain than the usual African Dessert you are familiar with.

Also you should know that visiting this place might be truly dangerous. The African tectonic plate might at any time split into two and lava would bubble up from under the surface.

The Erta Ale is an active volcano, and because of this the temperature of the air is usually of 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Although this isn’t the most hospitable location of the planet, there are still numerous tourists who are willing to pay to get there.

This way they will get to see the only one below the sea level volcano of the world and also the salt flats, bubbling sulfur pits, and mineral springs, not to mention the acid salt ponds.

The nature is surely showing its dark side here and one cannot help but wonder, what if our way of treating the world would turn the planet into a landscape looking exactly like this.


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