Avoid Clutter and Support Organized Greener Living


At first we might all think that clutter has nothing to do with green living. Actually, in case there is clutter in your home office, you can be sure that you can do plenty of things to straighten it up and make your office greener.

Greener LivingOne of the causes of clutter is all those bills that lay around on your desk, waiting to be taken care of. You might get rid of this through switching to paperless billing.

This way you can keep your desk clean and you can also help Earth through using less paper.

A laptop might also be a good idea in case you feel like you don’t have enough space. These devices are a lot smaller than the desktop computers and they also use a lot less energy.

In case you hold it in your lap, it doesn’t need any space at all.

Join the people living in the 21st century and instead of buying a CD with your software, download it. You will have no problems with CDs, manuals, packages and boxes anymore.

No more answering machine! According to the statistics, the answering machines use energy and if not used they are equivalent with taking 250,000 cars off the roads. A very good alternative for this problem might be the use of voice mail.

There is almost no household that doesn’t have some drawers filled with old electronics, about which people think that someday they will use again. You better believe, that day will never come.

If you are in the same situation, you should get them recycled or even donated in case they might still be used.

If you happen to have numerous chargers laying around, waiting to be used, then you should change this situation also. A good idea might be is to get a power stripe that is turned on only in case the device is actually charging.


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