A Glimpse into the Future to See the Green Cities


Go green, people. More and more people are talking about the importance of a “green” lifestyle, and although in the last period this concept has gained a lot of popularity, it isn’t a totally new idea.

Ebenezer Howard already made some suggestions regarding this matter in 1898. Still the huge amount of pollution made this matter of a significant importance in our days. Also the development of technology has made it possible to actually create such cities in the future.

Green Cities

One of these green cities is planned to be created in India, between Pune and Mumbai. The location of the city is just perfect for eco-friendly living. It is located on a hill, that rises 3000 ft above sea level, and there is also a stream, seasonal waterfalls and rolling hills.

The secret of the success of this city is the economic sustainability that it is hoped to be achieved.

One of the most ambitious projects that have been developed regarding green cities is the one that will create the Masdar Green City. This is supposed to be built in Abu Dhabi and the budget of the project is of $20 billion.

The total size of the city would be of 6 sq km, and it would be home to a 60 MW solar plant. Besides solar energy, the city would also be using geothermal energy and water recycling systems.

The city of Hanoi would also have a new look, when becoming eco-friendly. The 145 hectares city will be home to about 20,000 people. The plan of the city is meant to combine the local culture with an urban note.

In the end there will be a city that is pedestrian friendly and also has schools, healthcare facilities and leisure centers. What more could a “green” person ask for?


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