Horizon Bringing Together Wind and Solar Power


There are two major topics in our days that everybody knows about: pollution and eco-friendly solutions. Since this is such an important issue, there are numerous scientists who are trying to find a way to deal with the increasing need of electricity.

Loseva Larisa, Emtsov Sergei and Ivan Romanov from Russia have created a new device that got the name: Horizon.

Solar Power

The innovation regarding this device is that it can use both wind power and solar energy to produce electricity. The main idea of the working method of the device is the use of the Magnus effect.

According to this, an object that is moving in a fluid creates a whirlpool effect around itself. The speed of the wind accentuates this effect and so the device produces more electricity.

Horizon is built of two main parts, the solar generator and the wind generator. In case of the wind generator there is a shell that is filled with helium. This is connected to two induction motors which create electricity through a rotating motion.

The solar generator is represented by two solar panels located on the sides of the device. Since the device is a really light-weighted one, especially due to the use of helium, it is possible for it to be floating in the air, and this way to take advantage of the full potential of the Magnus effect.

Naturally there is need for the device to be fixed to the ground through wires. The designers claim that Horizon is highly efficient, stable, quiet, environmental friendly and mobile.

Although these advantages are undoubted, the total capacity of the 20 kg device is of 4.7 KW. This means that we would need quite a lot of such devices in order to be able to fulfill the needs of the population regarding electricity.


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