The Smart Eco Things You Can Do in the Dark Even After Earth Hour


For the last five years the last Saturday of March is being celebrated as Earth Hour. Last year more than a billion people participated and all they were required to do was switch of all electric appliances including lights during the designated hour 8.30-9.30 P.M.

This is a voluntary gesture and with a billion plus participants it has become the single most biggest voluntary act.

Things to do During Earth Hour

Switching off the power on a Saturday evening? Does it sound like a bummer? And how does one spend the hour? Well, actually, there are so many suggestions about what could be done that you may volunteer for more than an hour and much more often than just once a year.

There is a lot you can do, by yourself, with your partner or with your group of friends. For the ones who like to be alone or who would love to have some alone time, long walks( may be with your dog), star gazing, long lazy candle lit baths, meditation, catch up on sleep and write by candlelight are among the few things they can do by themselves.

For the more romantic and amorous people candlelit dinners (may be on the roof), candle lit bubble baths (together of course), candle light strip poker, long drives or walks together, an hour of togetherness with heart to heart conversations are a few of the things they can do together.

If you would like to enjoy the hour with a group of friends, gather a few for candle night potluck dinner, sit together and share scary stories, bring out the musical instruments and sing along, hold a séance with a Ouija board, play kiddies games like dark room, hide and seek and even tag or have a wine tasting party.

With so much to do, you may start wondering, why don’t you do this more often than only once a year. All of these and more can easily be done if we decide to turn off the power. Happy Green Thinking!


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