Industrial Audits and Reducing the Energy Consumption


What do you do when you are a big company with an energy cost of over 10,000 dollars and a production output equaled by the same amount? The answer is: you get an energy audit.

Many companies such as those involved in heavy manufacturing process face the challenge of reducing the energy consumption. This is normally done by energy optimization rather than rationalizing the energy and recently a new brand of energy audit proved very effective for establishing the right energy plan.

reducing energy consumptionA company producing in an industrial environment is basing the production process on the production output, and the consumption reduction can be impossible to achieve without affecting the production flow and the quality of the product.

An industrial energy audit can make an accurate evaluation and identify the measures that need to be taken in order to reduce the energy consumption.

In how much time does the cost of an industrial energy audit reach the amortization? What is exactly the gain from this process? The answer lies in the results of the industrial energy audit which is translated in a set of feasible measures meant to cut the energy cost and increase the energetic performance of the company.

The annual savings obtained via organizational measures (without additional investment) are covering in full the cost of the audit and can even generate a profit in savings.

In the last years, the industrial energy audit became all over the world, a must for all the large companies from the industrial areas. The energy audit became a rule for the companies to obtain the environmental certificate and had as purpose discovering alternative means of energy that could power the industry.

The energy audit became this way a certifying tool in determining how pollutant is a certain industry sector, a fact that forced the authorities in the business world to consider the law modification instated by the international organizations.

This is how the industrial energy became the source process for recovering not only costs but also process energy such as heat and electrical energy. The energy audit became the tool through which the international organization forced the high energy consumers to send bi-annual reports on how much did they reduced the pollution by reducing energy consumption.

The purpose of this international strategy is to reduce the consumption of methane, compressed air, electricity and industrial waters and with it the carbon footprint of industry giants.


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