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Green Daycare Concept

The Green Daycare Concept and Why to Choose It

Child day care centers are an essential part of life for many working parents. They leave their young kids in the care of professionals. It is but natural that they want the best they can afford for their kids, which includes a greener and more organic approach to day care. Day care centers for kids […]

Bee Disappearance

UN Alarmed by Bee Disappearance

When Einstein launched the theory that from the moment the honey bees will disappear the human species has only four years before becoming extinct, the world laughed. Nowadays the UN is sounding the alarm concerned about this exact problem. The smaller and smaller number of bees already threatens to aggravate the world food crisis considering […]

green travel

A Guide to Green Travel

Setting off on an exciting backpacking trip for several months can be a great way to experience other cultures and ways of life in some exotic destinations. However, an increasing number of travellers are concerned about the impact budget travelling can have on the environment so we’ve taken a look at some great ways to […]

green travel tips

Eco Friendly Driving Tips

Learning to drive and maintain your car in a more economical way will have positive effects not only on the environment but also on your wallet. There are a few easy tips and rules which you can follow which will cut your fuel consumption and therefore your impact on the environment. Before you drive Driving […]