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Generating Green Power With Every Step You Make

This might sound a bit unrealistic, but there is a way to generate energy by walking. One UK based company invented special slab, called Pavegen, which can convert the kinetic energy from your steps to electricity. This brand new technology would be the key for saving electricity and power. The new revolutionary invitation can be […]

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Chinese Solar Energy Firms To Gain As Demand Rises

China is among the countries, which develop and improve business and technology of solar photovoltaic models. Lately according to reports of Deutsche Bank, China turns to be the biggest player in the area of solar energy. Chinese companies mark an amazing rise into producing and selling solar modules. This year several Chinese companies will be […]

algae fuel

Algae Fuel On Trial For Future Development In Chile

Chile will be one of the countries, which will produce third-generation bio-fuel, or so called algae fuel. This brand new technology will allow bio-fuel development trough photosynthesis. The process of producing it has been researched and shows amazing results. During photosynthesis the organisms gain carbon dioxide as they convert it into biomass. The good news […]

The Human Urine And Ash Are Effective Tomato Fertilizers

The Human Urine And Ash Are Effective Tomato Fertilizers

The human urine contains high percentage of elements like azoth, phosphorus and potassium and the ash is rich in nutrients, which are not found in the urine like calcium and magnesium. Both were used as fertilizers separately for centuries but only recently the idea of using them together became popular. The result of the studies […]


Smart Water Circulation For The Best Water Recycling Idea

There is a special and not hard way to make the sink’s water to be reused in the toilets. This could easily happen with using eco-friendly bathrooms from the new generation. The so called W+W models are still rare on the market, but they possess new economic technology, which allows re-usage of the sink water […]

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Solar Power Pros And Cons

If you are up to converting your home to be solar-powered, you need to know which are the pluses and minuses of doing it. One of the greatest plus of the solar energy is that they are generating power from the sun, which means you don’t pay electricity bills, your energy is eco-friendly and your […]


Dolphins Are Witnessing The Health Of Our Planet

Last science researches unveiled at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) amazing facts about the dolphins. According to leading scientists dolphins have equivalent disease with the disease in the human body. Dolphins are mammals, just as humans, but their native realm is the world’s ocean. The exposure to toxic […]

5 Steps In Determining If You Should Be Utilizing Non Renewable Energy Resources

5 Steps In Determining If You Should Be Utilizing Non Renewable Energy Resources

There are 5 criteria individuals and people involved with corporations and businesses should take into consideration before determining if utilization of non renewable energy sources is the correct thing for them. These 5 criteria are availability, energy yield, cost, environment and renewable. For those of us who are just starting to jump on the bandwagon […]

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The Greenest, Most Healthy Bottled Beverages On The Market : 6 High-Powered, Low-Calorie Green Beverage Solutions

Bottled water waste is an epidemic in America, with 1.5 million barrels of oil going to making plastic bottles every year.

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Great Whites Feeling The Cold Chill Of Extinction

According to new research by Stanford University the great white sharks are under the threat of diminishing their presence on earth. The number of the white sharks, left in the wild is now reducing to a critical level, which can be compared only with the number of the tigers – 3500. Till now the population […]