Chinese Solar Energy Firms To Gain As Demand Rises


China is among the countries, which develop and improve business and technology of solar photovoltaic models. Lately according to reports of Deutsche Bank, China turns to be the biggest player in the area of solar energy.

chinese solar firms

Chinese companies mark an amazing rise into producing and selling solar modules. This year several Chinese companies will be the basic world beneficiaries in photovoltaic modules.

There are already four companies with upgraded shares in the sector and their ratings are the top picks, according to world brokers. These companies are the Trina Solar Ltd, Suntech Power Holdings, Yingli Green Energy Holding Co Ltd and ReneSola Ltd.

Deutsche bank marks that feed-in-tariff cut in Germany would put more pressure and difficulties for the global solar companies, but not for China, whose shares are climbing.

There are bad prognosis about the oversupply with solar modules on the market, but Chinese companies do not have a problem with that.


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