Algae Fuel On Trial For Future Development In Chile


Chile will be one of the countries, which will produce third-generation bio-fuel, or so called algae fuel.

algae fuelThis brand new technology will allow bio-fuel development trough photosynthesis. The process of producing it has been researched and shows amazing results. During photosynthesis the organisms gain carbon dioxide as they convert it into biomass.

The good news is that the process could convert up to 90 percent of biomasses. Chile will invest nearly $ 31.6 million to develop producing of algae bio-fuels. The country has made the decision for financing the new technology, because Chilean coast is 3 thousand kilometers.

The solar radiation there would improve the photosynthesis, which will help the future producing. The expectations are high, since the Energy Minister and the special team of researchers are giving prognoses that, algae fuel would produce at least 50 million gallons of ethanol annually.

The National Energy Commission of the country states that one of the pluses in producing brand new bio-fuel is that, algae do not demand usage of agricultural land. The consortium, which will manage the optimistic project, is BAL Biofuels.


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