The Human Urine And Ash Are Effective Tomato Fertilizers


Tomato FertilizersThe human urine contains high percentage of elements like azoth, phosphorus and potassium and the ash is rich in nutrients, which are not found in the urine like calcium and magnesium.

Both were used as fertilizers separately for centuries but only recently the idea of using them together became popular.

The result of the studies performed in following the activity of the tomato greenhouses after using the birch ash mixed with human urine simultaneously with industrial fertilizers was significantly better than the one obtained with no fertilization or using industrial fertilizers.

As the quantity is concerned the greenhouse using urine and ashes had a tomato production, four times larger than those that did not use any fertilizers and a lot faster than those in which the industrial fertilizers were used.

A lot more interesting were the results from the quality point of view. Here was noticed the fact that the greenhouses fertilized with urine and ashes have resulted larger tomatoes, a lot richer in nutrient substances than all the other groups of greenhouses, presenting a higher level of magnesium.

As for the taste is concerned, the 20 people participating at the tasting process agreed that the tomatoes resulted from this particular type of fertilization were tastier than all the rest.


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