Great Whites Feeling The Cold Chill Of Extinction


According to new research by Stanford University the great white sharks are under the threat of diminishing their presence on earth.

white sharkThe number of the white sharks, left in the wild is now reducing to a critical level, which can be compared only with the number of the tigers – 3500.

Till now the population of the white sharks was considered to be rare, but not endangered. The new research shows that nowadays the reality is different. In the world’s oceans the number of white sharks is so low, that is even less than a number of the tigers, which we treat as an endangered species.

sharkAccording to one of the scientists, involved in researching the white shark population, Dr Ronald O’Dor, the white sharks are in danger of extinction and in the last 20 years their numbers were reduced with 90 per cent.

Scientifics marks several reasons for this fact. One of them is illegal fishing, which is business for many people. They are selling the exotic and expensive meat of the sharks to restaurants.

Another reason for the extinction of this species is that many sharks were hit by boats and ships. The researchers alarmed that white sharks will need a special system for saving and also urgent new preventing measures to fight extinction of this great species.


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