The Greenest, Most Healthy Bottled Beverages On The Market : 6 High-Powered, Low-Calorie Green Beverage Solutions


Bottled water waste is an epidemic in America, with 1.5 million barrels of oil going to making plastic bottles every year. That’s enough fuel to run 100,000 cars and only about 23% of the 50 billion bottles used every year are recycled in this country. So finding greener ways to hydrate while on the go is a great way to go green—and save money!

Healthier beverages are also important if you are concerned about your physical well-being. Most sweet bottled beverages contain high-calorie, high-fructose corn syrup, which is a big contributor to our nation’s obesity problem. Choosing a beverage that’s low on calories and high on nutrition helps to ease the problems with unhealthy conventional products.

1. Reusable Bottles

Regardless of your beverage choice—juice, soda, water, coffee, tea—do your best to cart a reusable bottle along for the ride to minimize your drinking-related waste.

laken reusable watterbottles

Today, there are dozens of models and types of reusable bottles made from glass, stainless steel, and BPA-free plastic. Get one for hot drinks (insulated stainless steel), one or two for your cold beverages. has a wide selection.

2. SodaStream Home Soda Maker

If you’re a soda lover, try making your own pop with a Soda-Club Fountain Jet Home Soda Maker. You buy some flavor and carbonation cartridges, plug them into the electricity- and battery-free machine, and you’re off the races.

soda club fountain jet home soda maker

The flavor combinations are nearly endless and you can control how sweet each drink is. Put some in your reusable bottle for that picnic you’re going on to reduce your waste.

3. bot beverages

If you can’t live without a bottled beverage option, then go for bot Water. This healthy alternative to sugary, sweet juices is made without high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, preservatives, and are sweetened with pure cane sugar, giving it only 25 calories per serving. Plus, it’s loaded with vitamins B3, B5, B6, and B12 as well as antioxidants and electrolytes.

bot beverages

To top it all off, bot Water is a member of 1% For The Planet, an organization to which many companies give money to help preserve the environment.

4. Honest Tea Beverages

Honest Tea Beverages are packaged in bottles that are 22% lighter than their previous bottles. The ingredients for their beverages are USDA Certified Organic, which ensures that they’re not full of pesticides and other agricultural chemicals.

honest tea

Not only that but they’re made with no added sugar, and some of them contain no sugar at all (some are calorie-free, while others contain as few as 50 calories). And because many of this world’s teas are made with imported tea leaves, Honest Tea also uses Fair Trade Certified ingredients.  Plus, they donate to several charitable causes.

5. Guayaki Yerba Mate Bottled Beverages

Made with South American rainforest holly tree leaves, Guayaki’s Yerba Mate bottled beverages are another great option, especially since it contains only 54 calories.

organic energy shots

The operations of the company are powered by Green Mountain Energy (solar power), which offsets 55 tons of corporate carbon dioxide, making their drinks a lower-carbon option. They also abide by several environmental and social protocols. The ingredients are USDA Certified Organic and Fair Trade Certified. They also maintain kosher standards and are certified kosher from Kosher Supervision of America.

6. GuS Beverages

GuS is the soda for adults (grown-up sodas). It’s made with kosher, natural ingredients as well as cane sugar and real fruit juice. Plus it’s made without preservatives and without caffeine.



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