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opel flextreme

Geneva Motors Show Presents Opel Flextreme

The 80th Geneva Motor Show will open this year with good news for the world ecology. One of that news comes from Opel, which are going to open the show presenting their new eco-model Flextreme GT/E concept car. The show, which will be hosted in Geneva on 4-14 March this year will shows one of […]

Mercury Waste Contaminates The Water Of Spain

Mercury Waste Contaminates The Water Of Spain

Mercury mining in Spain has created health issues due to the release of mercury into the water. Mercury is extremely toxic to the neurological system of the body and can cause deformities in children, sterility in adults and even death. When mercury is in the water, fish and other forms of aquatic life end up […]

redwood trees

Redwood Trees In Danger With Fog declination In California

The last scientific reports from Berkeley, University of California shows а distress signal for certain eco-species of Redwood trees. Teams of scientists and researchers found out that coastal fog in California is diminishing with every single day. This can be extremely dangerous for the redwood trees, whose system depends on the fog, especially on the […]

Jordans Cereals

Jordans Cereals Switches To Palm Oil Rather Than Preservatives

Jordans, one of the British leading companies in cereal producing, informed that till the end of the year they will start to use 100 percent palm oil. The Certificated Sustainable Palm Oil, called CSPO is often used by cereal makers, which are aiming to limit the synthetic preservatives in the cereals. Jordans are using around […]

fish farming

The Right Management Of The Fish Farms May Make The World Food Supply Safer

Seafood is one of the most traded food in the world and it’s consumed by 3 billion people world-wide. The aquaculture of fish farming is now turning to be the world’s fastest-growing food supply sector. One of the global issues in this area is the lack of good coordination in the seafood supplies. According to many leading […]

Things You Didn’t Know About Recycling Plastic

Things You Didn’t Know About Recycling Plastic

There are many myths surrounding the recycling process of plastic products. One of these myths is that there are plastic products with a number on them in between chasing arrows and this number indicated the recyclability of the plastic product. The number in the chasing arrows on plastic products has nothing to do with the […]

organic farming

Wisconsin Plays A Major Role In Organic Farming

According to the new statistics by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service, Wisconsin turns to be one of the central spots of organic farming in USA. The number of organic farms in Wisconsin takes second place in USA for production and there are 1222 farms. The first place belongs to California. Organic […]


Chinese Ambassador Panda Bear Launches The Countdown To The Earth Hour 2010

Saturday March 27th at 20:30, millions of people from all the continents will turn of the lights for an hour to show the world there is something that can be done for the global warming issue. Mei Lan, the panda bear that became a Chinese ambassador was named the Earth Hour symbol for 2010. The […]

save tiger

Stars Beg India To Save The Tigers

Are you aware that this is the Chinese Year of the Tiger? A massive publicity drive has begun in India to save tiger from extinction, where tiger is the national animal. There is a conservation group called WWF-India which has recruited celebrities and sports stars to help in raising the awareness levels of the tigers’ […]

Koala Bears In Danger To Be Extinct

Koala Bears In Danger To Be Extinct

The koala bear population of the Australia suffered in the last period a very important decline because of the urban development, the global warming and the forest fires that followed it. This is how the Australian koala bears are in the danger of becoming completely extinct in the next 30 years after the population reached […]