Dolphins Are Witnessing The Health Of Our Planet


Last science researches unveiled at the meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) amazing facts about the dolphins.

dolphinsAccording to leading scientists dolphins have equivalent disease with the disease in the human body.

Dolphins are mammals, just as humans, but their native realm is the world’s ocean. The exposure to toxic water leads to several diseases found in dolphins body, which can provide useful information about what can seafood or coastal water cause to the human body.

The reports named dolphins as sentinel species due to their ability for warning us about diseases and viruses. This information can be extremely useful for discovering the new treats, which can easily reach us; hence we consume similar seafood as dolphins do.

Some scientists even go further and claim that dolphins could actually give us clues to treating diabetes.

One of the organizations, which provided report about dolphin genome, is the National Marine Mammal Foundation. According to their study the bottlenose dolphins are perhaps the first animal model for diabetes type II.

In the future, dolphin genome will possibly reveal potential treatment for infections and disorders, which caused 5 percent of all human deaths around the world.

Further researches in this area could be extremely helpful for fighting viruses and preventing them.


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