Generating Green Power With Every Step You Make


This might sound a bit unrealistic, but there is a way to generate energy by walking. One UK based company invented special slab, called Pavegen, which can convert the kinetic energy from your steps to electricity.

pavegen 02This brand new technology would be the key for saving electricity and power. The new revolutionary invitation can be easily applied on every street in the world.

pavegenThe Pavegen system is a rubber slab, which simply has to be inserted in a sidewalk area, where people are walking. With every step made on this slab, it captures the kinetic energy, stores it and later could be successfully used for generating power into pedestrian lighting, info billboards, displays and many more.

pavegen 03The rubber slabs are with LED technology, which will mark when you set a foot on it and the slab will glow under your foot. This means your energy has been stored and captured. This brand new system could be used also on stairs, where it will collect energy from user’s footsteps.

pavegen 01


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