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scholarly green ways to save paper

Scholarly Green Ways to Save Paper

The environmental studies course that is included in your school curriculum, focus on the three R’s in bold: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. This is the basic strategy that you must adopt in order to save paper at your workplace or school. Paper is a precious resource, one of the numerous epitomes of sacrifices of acres of […]

tips to earn money by going green

Easy to Follow Tips to Earn Money By Going Green

There are many ‘eco friendly’ options and businesses these days that can help you to earn money. Yes, you can actually save cash and also earn money by going green. Here are some options to consider that can be started right away from your home by selling the used items, recycling the existing things and […]

ways to make a green dorm room

9 Smart Ways to Make a “Green” Dorm Room

College is an integral part of our lives. Some of you may be lucky to go to the college that is very near to your home. But there are those of you who have to move to a different state to go to college and that means several months and years of dorm stay. These […]

best organic lunch box ideas

The Best Organic Lunch Box Ideas

Good nutrition means proper food habits throughout the day and lunch boxes form an integral part of daily eating. Many studies have proved that organic foods ensure better living and good health conditions in long run; thus we provide you with some excellent ideas to make organic lunch boxes for your family. In an organic […]

ways to recycle building waste

9 Ways To Recycle Building Waste

When you decide to give your house a makeover or an upgrade there are quite a few ways of doing it. While some of you may want a cosmetic change, others might want to see the entire house being taken down and then rebuilt. But no matter what you do there will be things that […]

green beauty products that you must have

Green Beauty Products that you must have

The eco-friendly products have been in great demand these days. This is because they do not lead to any kind of side effects. No chemicals will be featured in such products and hence are the best to be used by the people irrespective of age. So it is advised that you make use of green […]

tefal quick cup

Top 10 Green Gadgets For Your Household

Gadgets make our life easy and eco-friendly items have now started ruling every sphere of technology and gadgets are no behind. These gadgets do not harm the environment rather help you in saving money and electricity, making your life easier and “greener”. Well there are actually those types of gadgets for you. Take a look […]

ideas to get a green bathroom

10 Easy and Smart Ideas to Get a “Green” Bathroom

Contrary to popular belief, only recycling plastic and not wasting paper and water do not complete the definition of going green. There are several aspects that you can implement in your life that will help to maintain the environmental balance. Even your bathroom can contribute to that front and you can make small changes to […]


Carmony Going Upmarket

Carmony, the used car website established in 2008, is undergoing a huge rebrand in an attempt to bring a whole new audience into the online used car market. The organisation, who are owned by Manheim Europe (the organisation behind are seeking to branch out and focus their new rebranded website on a customer base […]

demerits of green building

Learn the Demerits of Green Building

A green building is one that is made of products and resources that are resource efficient and environmentally viable. Such buildings impact the health of the people working from there positively. So basically every phase of the building from construction, design, maintenance, renovation to demolition – all aspects involve the usage of environment friendly products. […]