Easy to Follow Tips to Earn Money By Going Green

tips to earn money by going green

There are many ‘eco friendly’ options and businesses these days that can help you to earn money. Yes, you can actually save cash and also earn money by going green. Here are some options to consider that can be started right away from your home by selling the used items, recycling the existing things and others. Below mentioned are the best ways for you to go green and also earn money:

tips to earn money by going greenSell your Old Clothes

Old clothes that are no more used but in good condition can be easily sold off. Often clothes do not fit the same way like before or colors are not as bright as it was – instead of dumping such clothes, the best thing that you can do is sell it. An online store could really help you with this. Apart from clothes, you can also think of selling any other accessories, electronic goods etc. that are in good condition.

Rent your Car

If you have a car and not using it often, the best thing you can do to make some money is by renting it out. There are many reputed car companies that look for cars on rental basis and you can easily get in touch with them for this purpose and make enough money for yourself.

Dispose E-waste

Don’t throw the old gadgets away! Instead recycle them to the companies like BuyMyTronics or Gazelle, YouRenew, and earn up to $1,000 per item. The companies will ask you few questions regarding the condition and age of the gadget and then you send them the item with the pay check within 2 weeks. You can sell off your tablets, desktop computers, cell phones, e readers, laptops, smart phones etc. Some of these companies donate for the environmental causes as well.

Rent your Parking Space

Parking spaces have become a rarity in crowded cities these days; you can look into the innovative solution offered by ParkatmyHouse and ParkCirca. They get connected with the drivers who are looking for parking space in the same location and offer the parking lots of the local people if they are not using it.

Keeping some for themselves, they give the rest to the parking lot owners. This way, the environment is also saved as the carbon emission of vehicles’ does not ruin the atmosphere unnecessarily.

Thus go green and also make some money for yourself with the above given tips and ways.

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