The Best Organic Lunch Box Ideas

best organic lunch box ideas

Good nutrition means proper food habits throughout the day and lunch boxes form an integral part of daily eating. Many studies have proved that organic foods ensure better living and good health conditions in long run; thus we provide you with some excellent ideas to make organic lunch boxes for your family.

In an organic lunch container, you need to avoid the typical commercial fare and minimize the usage of artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. The basic motto is to maximize the use of wholesome ingredients in the recipes.

The very common choices are whole grain as in bread or crackers, protein choices are commonly tuna, beans, chicken, and calcium sources come from cheese, soymilk or yoghurt. Some of the interesting organic lunch box recipes are given below:

best organic lunch box ideasRaw Vegetables and Cheese Dip

Raw vegetables are the mostly grown organic food substances and you can make a tasty salad through this. Some vegetables like carrots, tomatoes, potatoes etc. can be grown in an organic way. These can be used in the lunch boxes. You can sauté them with some spices and make a tasty cheese dip and this will make an excellent lunch box idea for the kids as well as the grown ones.

Fresh Poultry and Eggs

Products like poultry and eggs and even meat can be produced in an organic manner and these are good source of proteins. These are free of chemicals and any kind of preservatives. Hence, they will definitely make the best lunch for you.

Organic Beans and Sprouts

These can be easily grown and are extremely healthy, thereby being one of the best options for organic lunch boxes. Sprouts and beans can be used as ingredients for salads or sandwiches in lunch boxes.

Organic Fruits

A fruit salad with freshly grown organic produce can definitely make a wonderful lunch. You can try organic peaches, pears, apples etc. and maintain your health in the best way. A tasty fruit juice would also work wonderful for a tasty lunch.

Organic Milk

If you like milk and taking it to lunch is just not a problem for you; certainly try organic milk. You could also pack some fresh organic milk shake made with some organic fruits.

Thus try the above given recipes and ideas to have tasty and healthy an organic lunch box that is best for all the members in the family.

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