Carmony Going Upmarket


Carmony, the used car website established in 2008, is undergoing a huge rebrand in an attempt to bring a whole new audience into the online used car market.

The organisation, who are owned by Manheim Europe (the organisation behind are seeking to branch out and focus their new rebranded website on a customer base who have not yet been targeted with online used car sales.

used-carsThe rebrand will refocus Carmony’s sales towards premium used cars in the market. That will mean rather than selling any used cars, the website will look to sell brands such as Lexus and Audi, with prices starting at £25,000. In this way, Carmony seek to distance themselves from other used car websites, which tend not to have as strong a focus as this. For example, Gumtree, which is a listings site for anything from cars to jobs and flats, states their aim as ‘creating successful connections between people just like you and me’whilst Auto Trader, one of the most successful used car businesses, has a slightly different aim of, ‘we bring more buyers and sellers together by making the entire process as straightforward and transparent as possible.’

The move away from the wider used car market is likely to be a good decision by Carmony, it is taking a much larger chunk of a much smaller market, but one that is likely to be of high value. Luxury and premium brands tend to be worth more and sell for more, and there are likely to be a great number of collectors who will want to look online to seek out a bargain (even if that is a £50k bargain!). There are very few websites, especially ones with a national focus, that look to sell used premium cars and so Carmony are in a unique place at the moment to carve their own customer base.

The rebranding is a great idea, especially in this age of the internet where, if you really want to find your feet, you need to find something unique to focus on.


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