Learn the Demerits of Green Building

demerits of green building

A green building is one that is made of products and resources that are resource efficient and environmentally viable. Such buildings impact the health of the people working from there positively.

So basically every phase of the building from construction, design, maintenance, renovation to demolition – all aspects involve the usage of environment friendly products. But in spite of being a green option, there are a few disadvantages to such buildings. Take a look at what these drawbacks are.

demerits of green building

Drawbacks of Green Buildings


The cost of constructing a green building is a lot more than what is involved in the conventional building. While many people may argue that the building saves energy when it is up and running, there is no denying that the initial investment is quite huge.

Loans not Easily Available

It is a common fact that when you have undertaken such a huge project, you will need a loan. Many a times you will see that people and institutions you approach for the money (as a loan) are not eager to invest in such projects. They might support the cause but really do not believe in it as they think that such buildings will not prove to be lucrative for resale.

Difficult to get a Builder

Even if you find the money to construct one of these buildings, it is quite a task to find someone (a builder) who has the expertise and the knowledge to take such a project. It is not the cup of tea for any and everybody. While some builders may claim that they have the experience to build such things, you need to research and find out how authentic their claim is.

Raw Materials needed are Rare

Finding the material to build such structures is another challenge. Since the items used to build are not really run of the mill, it may be quite difficult to find everything in the correct proportions and then utilize it.

Time Consuming

The time involved in constructing such buildings is quite a lot. And the clock starts ticking right from the point where you begin your search for builders and money lenders. Then comes the design and the execution phase and that is even more rigorous.

Reselling Problem

You might also face a problem when you try to sell this building. If you are able to find a buyer who is interested in green buildings, then your work is done. But if your search leads you to nothing then it could be a long wait.

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