Top 10 Green Gadgets For Your Household

tefal quick cup

Gadgets make our life easy and eco-friendly items have now started ruling every sphere of technology and gadgets are no behind. These gadgets do not harm the environment rather help you in saving money and electricity, making your life easier and “greener”. Well there are actually those types of gadgets for you. Take a look on the list below –

Green Gadgets at your Service

1. 16.8-Watt Voltaic Solar Charger Kit

16.8-Watt Voltaic Solar Charger KitPhoto Credit By:

This is a space saving and inexpensive photovoltaic system to power your home. It has a V60 battery that charges laptops, tablets, cameras, cell phones and several other gadgets all at once. It is portable and lightweight and that enables you to move it around wherever you want.

2. Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch

maestro occupancyPhoto Credit By:

There is no harm if you forget to switch of the lights and fans in your house any more. Lutron‘s Maestro Occupancy/Vacancy Sensing Switch makes sure that the switches are automatically turned off if you are not in your room. This saves a lot of energy. These are actually great for kids’ rooms, laundry, garages and bathrooms.

3. Energy Star Air Conditioner

This inexpensive air conditioner assures of cutting down the cooling costs to almost 30% and prevents greenhouse-gas emissions at the rate of 1,600 pounds. For maintenance, you will just have to clean the AC filters once in every 3 months.

4. USBCell

These are rechargeable batteries and they will save you a lot of money. You do not have to buy new batteries every time you are in need for one.

5. Tefal Quick Cup

tefal quick cupPhoto Credit By:

If you are a tea lover then you will find this gadget really handy. There is a reservoir at the back of the green kettle and you get instant boiling water from a tap in front. This saves time and you do not even have to lift the kettle.

6. Phillips HD4644 Cordless Kettle

phillips HD4644 cordless kettlePhoto Credit By:

Like the Tefal Quick Cup, this also serves the same purpose. You save almost 66% energy when you boil water here for tea or other beverages.

7. Efergy Shower Timer and Alarm

efergy shower timer and alarmPhoto Credit By:

This is one clever gadget that monitors the amount of water going down the drain as you shower. Set your own target, hang it on your shower, turn on the timer every time you shower and wait till the alarm sounds. You will know when you have met your target volume of water.

8. Soladey J3X Toothbrush

No need for a charger or a tooth paste. Use light to charge it and ions from the Titanium Dioxide rod mix with your saliva to get rid of plaque.

9. Urbanears Plattan headphones

You will not be guilty of destroying forests anymore when you buy headphones. These are made from the left over parts of headphones that are not in use any more. Environmentally friendly in every sense of the word.

10. Pilot B2P Pens

These pens are made from recycled plastic water bottles and scream ‘green’ with every scratch you make.


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