10 Easy and Smart Ideas to Get a “Green” Bathroom

ideas to get a green bathroom

Contrary to popular belief, only recycling plastic and not wasting paper and water do not complete the definition of going green. There are several aspects that you can implement in your life that will help to maintain the environmental balance. Even your bathroom can contribute to that front and you can make small changes to turn it green.

ideas to get a green bathroomCreate a Green Bathroom

  1. Your bathroom needs to be clean but you do not always have to use chemicals to do that job. Try using natural ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, water, lime extract and similar agents. They are safe and do not have any harmful effects on you or the environment.
  2. Try and use water wisely. Just because you have water supply at your disposal does not mean that you will use it s and how you like. This natural resource is fast vanishing from the earth and it is your and my responsibility to use it well.
  3. If water is dripping from your bathroom fittings then get it fixed as soon as possible. Not only is that dripping sound annoying but it is also a way that water is wasted. So stop wasting water.
  4. It is understandable that you will need to paint the bathroom walls. But you can make a difference by using low or non-VOC paints. They color well and also smell sweet.
  5. Reduce the use of bathroom fresheners. Try and keep sweet smelling oil in a small glass bottle and leave the bottle open. You can also place fresh flowers from your garden to add fragrance to your bathroom.
  6. If your bathroom is small and you need to add fixtures, try making storage space out of cardboard boxes and plywood fittings. You will be able to see the difference as it is a green way.
  7. Make sure you arrange for ventilation. Without proper ventilation you will be able to avoid wet walls and stinking insides.
  8. While choosing bathroom fittings select the ones made of recycled glass, ceramic and porcelain. Ones that come with light colored epoxy grouts are good. They can be easily cleaned and last longer.
  9. For the floors you can use bamboo and cork. These are natural items and are good for the environment. They are also easy to lay and change if necessary.
  10. Use skylight so that the natural light helps to light up the bathroom.

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